Higgins The Pacificator Book Cover

Raise your sails and prepare to enter the mysterious world of the seas. Higgins: The Pacificator, an adventurous, young adult fantasy novel, is now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Two brothers, a forgotten ship, and the depths of fantastical seas… Fifteen year old Kai Higgins and his elder brother, Dune, have never dreamed their father was more than a Scottish fisherman. But when he is lost to the deep, leaving behind a mysterious star chart, they set sail across the Moray Firth, following the stars to the unknown.

In this journey through the legends of the sea, Kai and Dune uncover their late father’s hidden life—a world of trial, ensnaring enchantment, and daring mythological beasts. Will Kai raise a sword with the Clan of Each-Uisge and his newfound love? Will his brother stand by his side no matter what briny fiend comes their way? A quest of courage, the Higgins’ legacy rests in their wake.

Watch the official trailer: